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Erie's Boat Protector

Whether you are a Sunday sailor or a seasoned seafarer, your boat is your pride and joy! Be it large or small, protect it from the uncertainty of the seas and skip across the waves knowing that the ERIE's Boat Protector is working for you.
The ERIE's Boat Protector offers superior protection for your boat, boating equipment, accessories, liability and medical payment coverages. Here are just a few of the exceptional features that ERIE's Boat Protector policy can offer you:

  • Comprehensive "all risk," which insures most any type of loss involving your boat, such as fire damage, theft, sinking, wind or collision, or named perils coverage for your boat, boat trailer and accessories (oars, life preservers, anchors, seat cushions). Protection for boating equipment and accessories is provided at no additional cost up to $500.
  • Protection against financial loss from bodily injury that you or any member of your family may cause to others while operating your boat (swimmers, water skiers, passengers in your boat or in another boat). Medical payment coverage protecting the owner of the boat, family members and guests if they are injured while boarding, on board or while leaving your boat.
  • Liability protection in the event you damage another person's property, such as damage to another person's boat or boat dock.
  • Physical damage protection is an optional coverage for sails, spars and riggings damaged while in a prearranged sailboat race.
  • Uninsured boaters protection is available as a optional coverage. This coverage protects you should you be involved in a boating accident caused by a hit and run boater or a boater who has no insurance.
  • Losses to your boat, outboard motor(s) and boat trailer will be settled on a replacement cost basis, which is the cost, at the time of the loss, of a new item identical or similar to the one damaged, destroyed or stolen.

These are only a few of the coverages available in the ERIE's Boat Protector policy.
With a wide variety of credits available, such as ship to shore radios and completion of a basic boating class, your ERIE Agent can tailor a policy that will best fit your needs all at a cost that will keep you afloat.

Contact us today for additional information on the ERIE's Boat Protector and navigate without worry from sea to shining sea.


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