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Health Insurance
Health Insurance has become a very important part of your insurance portfolio. Whether
you are self employed, between jobs, have recently retired, or you are otherwise without
health insurance, we can help. We may also be able to help insure your employees under
a small group health insurance plan.

There are many plans to choose from. Whether you are comfortable with a high
deductible plan which offers a HSA (Health Savings Account), or you would rather have
a low deductible and have the plan cover most of your expenses, we can offer these plans
and others in between through Highmark and Health America

If you are retired or disabled and on Medicare, we offer a variety of Medicare
Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug plans to meet your needs.
These plans are offered through Highmark, Health America, and Mutual of Omaha.

As you look at your insurance portfolio, don’t forget about Long-term Care insurance.
Mutual of Omaha offers a “Partnership” plan which can help protect some of your assets
from being liquidated if you find the need to be in a Long-term care facility.



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